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Last Call #2: The Dingo Bar


Noel Franklin, Last Call 2, Dingo, page 1


Thanks to Kenn Rodriguez for setting me on the trail and Miguel Corrigan for being open about his wonderful past venture, The Dingo Bar.  Also to Stacy Parrish, Eric McFadden, Matthew John Conley, Lewi Longmire, Lisa Gill, Michael Henningsen, Joe Anderson and Tracy Paris for helping me with stories and images.

I reference work from the following photographers:  Wes Naman (Lisa Gill, Page 3, Panel 3), Richard McCracken (Page 3, Panel 4 and Page 6, Panel 3),  Ed Saenz (Eric McFadden, Page 4, Panel1), Michael Brown (Stacy Parrish, Page 4, Panel 2),   Missy Neal (Page 5, Panel 1), and Amoreena Peralta-Appel (NAOMI, Page 5, Panel 3).  I referenced several band press photos with no credit, including The Concentrators and Flake Music.
Disclaimer:  Stacy Parrish did not model his end for the end.  This was drawn from general knowledge of the human form and the assumption that all 90s era studio recording artists were calipagean.

2 thoughts on “Last Call #2: The Dingo Bar

    • Jahson, I Ieave out SO MANY things in these little mini histories. It breaks my heart every time I do one. Every venue deserves it’s own book, really, and every band as well.


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