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Letter from the Editor: 

Anthologies and scholarly treatments devoted to the work of women in the medium of comics are not new (see our Bookshelf page), yet women remain a minority in the field, and as a minority we have a presence that is less visible; a voice that is less heard; our work carries themes that are less critically explored, and we inherit and continue to shape a politics of representation that is weighted differently in the historically male-dominated field of image and text.

This is not a journal whose goal is female empowerment; instead, its purpose is intellectual and aesthetic edification: we hope to expose comics creators, scholars, and readers of all genders to ideas and art, and ideas about art.

Likewise, inkt|art embraces crossovers between the boundaries of ink and image, that is, the places where art meets literature.  Strong narrative is what stands out in good comics, and to this end we will also feature work by narrative artists who may not fit into the typical “comics creator” category. We are interested in writers who are visual artists, and visual artists who are writers. 

We hope to foster a community of readers and contributors who can appreciate and examine critically the medium of text & image as represented by women currently working in the field.

We welcome your comments, letters and submissions.

Thank you for reading,


Aimee Valentine