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Last Call #1: OK Hotel, Seattle


Noel Franklin,Last Call #1 OK Hotel, Seattle

Last Call #1: OK Hotel, Seattle


I’d like to thank Steve Freeborn, Tia Matthies, Raymond Kempe, Patrick Barber and Ron Carnell for sharing stories.  In addition, I referenced the work of the following artist: Jim Carey (Steve Freeborn and Tia Matthies, Page 2, Panel 1), Friese Undine (Steve Freeborn, Page 1, Panel 3), Shannon Carpenter (1999 Seattle National Poetry Slam Team, Page 3, Panel 3), Mark Francis Bendix (Jello Biafra Poster Design, Page 3, Panel 4), Louie Raffloer (Steven Jesse Bernstien, Page 3, Panel 5), Toby Dobbs (Zony Mash, Page 3, Panel 6), John Ohannesian (Bill Frisell and Jim Woodring, Page 4, Panel 2), Jim Woodring (Lazy Roninson Poster Art, Page 4, Panel 2), Daniel Barber (Patrick Barber, Page 4, Panel 3) and Arne Sarma (Bar Interior, Page 6, Panel 3).

5 thoughts on “Last Call #1: OK Hotel, Seattle

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  2. Holy everything. I am soo excited to dive into Noel’s Ok Hotel Last Call! An iconic but edgy and fringy Seattle experience brought to life using the perfect medium for the subtle, sketchy, creative spirit of Ok in its hey day! Yay ayay Ok!


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