Madeline Richards: Ink and Perfume

"Alone", from Ink and Perfume Series

Madeline Richards is a multi-disciplinary artist from Montréal, Québec.  She received her BFA from Concordia University in 2008, and has continued her artistic training from Studio Technique since 2010. Richards’ illustrations and paintings have been exhibited at numerous galleries and alternative venues across Canada and the United States, including L’Atelier Circulaire in Montréal, the Eye Level Gallery in Halifax, and the Ye Old Carlton Arms Hotel in New York City.

“Ink and Perfume” is a series of literary pin-up illustrations. In each new drawing, Richards features a classical female poet and model. Previous works from this series have been published in periodicals: The Drawn Word Issue 1 and Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 7. This piece features the poem “Alone” by Kate Chopin.

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