Volume I, Issue II

Eroyn Franklin, Detained, title

                                                                                                               excerpt from Detained, by Eroyn Franklin

Volume I, Issue II:  Spring 2013

Special Issue–Comics Journalism

Table of Contents:


Sara Drake, Elsewhere

Eroyn Franklin, Detained

Noel Franklin, Last Call: Club Lingerie

Emi Gennis, S.A. Andree’s Ill-Fated Expedition

Leanne Grabel, The Family Fate Ate

Charlene Potts, Real Problems & Brilliant Solutions in America: A Guide

K-Fai Steele, Mystery Monkey


Sarah Rosenblatt, Margo Shickmanter, Tides


Noel Franklin, Last Call #3: Club Lingerie

Nicole Hollander, Never Tell Your Mother This Dream #4: Come Into My Parlor

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