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Our Graphic Memoir Issue is HERE! Volume III, Issue I!


Volume III, Issue I: Fall/Winter 2016

The Graphic Memoir Issue

li-shing-featured-image2Sai Li, “Shing”





grabel-words-featured-image1Leanne Grabel, “Words: A Love Story”





waterfield-2-hollywood-nightsCesca Waterfield, “Four Pieces”





sb-the-sex-photos-featured-image1SB, “The Sex Photos”





wordcomic4mightrememberJessy Randall, “15 Comics”





franklin-one-night-on-broadway-featured-imageNoel Franklin, “One Night on Broadway”







hollander-new-work-jill-stein-fundraising-featuredNicole Hollander, “Memoir and Modernity”







phrenologicalchartAimee Valentine, Letter from the Editor

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