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Mystery Monkey


K-Fai Steele, Mystery Monkey

Steele created “Mystery Monkey” during the ACA Comics residency in Florida during October 2012.  Steele was inspired by the New York Times article, showing Mystery Monkey to be truly wily – after being shot in the neck with a tranquilizer dart, he would pluck it out, hide under a bench and sleep it off. He befriended local Tampa residents, who stuffed him with Oreos and made fake reports to throw off Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Steele’s work has appeared in Arthur Magazine, Philly Weekly, Margin Journal, the Head and the Hand Press, and more. She is currently at work on a commissioned book about the founding of The Village of Arts and Humanities, an inner-city arts nonprofit in North Philadelphia that is consistently recognized as an example of successful community rebuilding through the arts.

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