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Margaret Atwood: Undercover Wonderlady

What doesn’t she do? Margaret Atwood, the Canadian tour de force we know primarily as a prolific novelist and short-story writer is also a writer of literary criticism, opera, and…comics.  She tweeted from Comic-Con this year, because, at 72, there is nothing the literary icon doesn’t do.  Atwood’s comic history goes back to the days when she authored a strip called “Kanadian Kulture Komic” using the pseudonym Bart Gerrard.  The widely read Canadian strip dealt with nationalism and sexual politics, and garnered “Bart Gerrard” his share of hate mail.  In Engendering Genre: The Works of Margaret Atwood (University of Ottawa Press, 2010), a book that earned renowned Atwood scholar Reingard Nischik the 2010 Margaret Atwood Society Best Book Prize, the author addresses the theme of gender through Atwood’s use of many media, including what some call the first “in-depth treatment” of Atwood’s cartoon art. Good stuff.

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