We’re looking for work.  Your work.

inkt|art is now accepting submissions for our Spring 2014 issue.
deadline for submissions is April 4

inkt|art welcomes submissions from female comics creators as well as women who write about comics, or any combination of  image and text.  Along with your submissions, please include a brief bio listing any previous publications and any background you feel is relevant.


inkt|art publishes comics Fiction and Poetry, as well as Nonfiction (including comics journalism, memoir, and essays).


inkt|art publishes text-only work in the form of  Book Reviews (from women who read comics as well as scholarly work), Interviews (from ladies who pose interesting questions to comics creators), and Essays (critical writing about aspects of graphic narrative, including but not limited to the language of comics, issues of theme, representation, gender and genre).

*As a new online journal, inkt|art is not a paying publication at this time. All work is credited to each author/creator, and links to their work encouraged.

Our submissions are free, and go through Submittable.  We look forward to reading your work!

***Please put jpegs into a word document for submissions***  ONLY DOC OR DOCX files are viewable.