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REAL AND READY: The new issue is HERE!

It’s been a long winter, dear readers, but it’s time to thaw.  Our Spring 2013 issue has a comics journalism focus, and we think you’ll be surprised by the variety within, in terms of both style and subject matter.  The nonfiction comics cover topics from U.S. immigrant detainment centers to a landmark music venue in Hollywood, from teaching in Cambodia to an historically bad balloon trip, from a wayward monkey to a wayward son, to a wayward system of politics.  We’ve also got graphic poetry, book reviews, and the Grande Dame Nicole Hollander’s latest craze.  As always, we welcome your comments. Enjoy!

                                                               excerpt from Detained, by Eroyn Franklin

Volume I, Issue II:  Spring 2013

Special Issue–Comics Journalism

Table of Contents:


Sara Drake, Elsewhere

Eroyn Franklin, Detained

Noel Franklin, Last Call: Club Lingerie

Emi Gennis, S.A. Andree’s Ill-Fated Expedition

Leanne Grabel, The Family Fate Ate

Charlene Potts, Real Problems & Brilliant Solutions in America: A Guide

K-Fai Steele, Mystery Monkey


Sarah Rosenblatt, Margo Shickmanter, Tides


Lisa Dobbin, Oversimplified: Tortilla Flat


Noel Franklin, Last Call #3: Club Lingerie

Nicole Hollander, Never Tell Your Mother This Dream #4: Come Into My Parlor


Lisa Dobbin, Fugitive Pieces

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